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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Blankets for Saxis VA and nearby areas

Just a few photos of blankets I took to Saxis VA.  I met with Brenda Wise of the Pocomoke Public Eye, and Denise Drewer, mayor of Saxis at the Volunteer Fire Station there.
 I met Denise Drewer and discussed Project Linus.  She was admiring all the beautiful kinds of blankets so lovingly created by our volunteer Blanketeers.  The quilt we are holding was made by one of the ladies from the Eastern Shore Quilt Guild, of Exmore VA.

This quilt is so beautiful!
Blankets are delivered in clear plastic bags so the colorful creations stay clean.
Each blanket is labeled with a Project Linus label showing our lovable namesake, Linus Van Pelt.   We attach a hang tag identifying the maker of the blanket too.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Helping in the Crisfield Disaster Relief

The earliest work involved assessing damage & removing hazards

Hazard trees were removed from roads first

Homeowners hung white flags to signal that they had needs.

Anything that floats, did!  And they ended up in the strangest places.

Floating caskets were  put in place by a Delaware Veteran's group.

Team member, Joy, removes brush

Rob took down a small hazard tree.

Downed Willow tree fell on neighbor's fence and house.  Our team moved all the remains to the front yard, while Rob cut it up.
 Rob cut up an old growth Willow tree

Our 6 person team met with the homeowner to discuss what we could do for him.

Blankets for the children of Saxis, Sanford, Messongo & Withams VA

Blankets made by volunteers from Lower DelMarVa, Wisconsin, Colorado & California

Welcome to Saxis, est. 1664

A gentle breeze stirs the marsh grass and rustles the pine needles, but this is a calm day on DelMarVa!
It's a long ride down the narrow road onto a spit of land known as Saxis Virginia!  Marsh grasses and Loblolly Pine trees line that road to Saxis, dotted by small homes and churches.  Sanford is one of the settlements lying  just a few feet above sea level with many homes on the waterfront.    Many houses still have debris by the road side as they are ripping out wallboard and carpeting, and piling wet furniture for disposal.   In Saxis I met the mayor, Denise Drewer, and blogger, Brenda Wise.   The 3 of us hung out a while in the Volunteer Fire Station, admiring the blankets, talking about the  blanketeers and discussing the storm.  Firemen and mayor will see that children receive the blankets soon.  It's a close community and they know who the children are!
Damage to crab shanty and pier, destruction of livelihood.
U Left One Sandy, Don't Come Back.  This was the only pier I saw undamaged.

Another pier and shanty in ruins

A little humor goes a long way in times of trouble!


Thank yous in the children's own words

The blanketeers have put their hearts and hands into every blanket!  These children have put their hearts and hands to work writing thank you notes. 

Dear Project Linus, Thank you so much for the blanket.  I love my blanket and I loved that you where thinking of me and I love the blanket.  Thanks again, Macie

....I loved how fabrik and when i went to sleep I fell out like a snap!  Thanks agan, Alex
....I need it because Pop-pop tree fell on us.
....You guys are the best.  When I get home I am going to cuddle it.  Thanks again, Addyson
...It is so thoughtful of you.  Thanks again, Jason
....I love the pattern.  I love the soft fabric alot your the best.  Thanks again, Jessica
....I can't wait to read a book with it.  Thanks again, Rynaijah
....I would make a club house with it.  thanks again, Grace

From the second grade:
Dear Mrs. Clarke, Thank you for bringing blankets to our school.  My blanket was so soft.  The pattern was so neat.  It was so colorful.  Second grader, Bryant
...I like how you put the pattern.  I also like how it is vary vary vary soft.  I also like how it is beautiful.  Second grader, Delilah Lynn
...I like the dazinza on my blanket. How many monts did it take you to make 600 blankets for our school.  The bankets our so soft they make me go to sleep.  I like how you stitch them together.  Second grader, Thank you for everything, Kenyon
...My blanket is soft.  My blanket is colorful.  The blankets is so big. Thank you for makin blankets for 600 kins.  I like becus you got beautiful brud in.  I slep wif it in cuwle.   Matthew
...I love my blanket because my blanket is colorful.  It has beautiful footballs and pink is my favorite color.  Second grader, Rachel

From the first grade:
Dear Project Linus, Thank you for the blanet it was nice of you to let me have this mine has animals.  Sincerely, Terry
Dear donna, Thank you for the blanket. I like mousis.  it is niosu.  sincerely Ralique
Dear Brooke, Thank you for the blanket.  I like mine because ti has flowers on ti.  Sincerely, Lillian Mey
Dear Project Linus, Thank you for the blanket it is budffl.  Sincerely, DaJanell.
Dear Coleen Mister, Thank you for the blanket.  Mine is great.  Sincerely, Edward
Dear Tilla Mook, Thank you for the blanket.  I linck my has pick.s  Sincerely, Madison
Dear Barbara Brewster, Thank you for the blanket.  Mine I like mine blanket.  I like mine culra.  Sincerely, Phillip
Dear Project Linus, Thank you for the blanket.  Mine is my faritculr.  Sincerely, DaminanK
Dear Project Linus,? Thank you for the? blanet?  Thank fro macn my blanket?  My blanket si spl?  Ryniah?
Dear Project Linus, Thank you for the blanket.  I like mine because is git a red lips on.  Sincerely, AnyJea
Dear Project Linus, Thank you for the blanket.   I like mine it is soo FanFry.  Alliaayn, Sincerely
Dear Project Linus, Thank you for the blanket.  I like mine because it has rascars un it.  Sincerely, Corey
Dera Project Linus, Thank you for the blanket.  I like it becus it got my fefretculr.  Sincerely, Raashan
Dear Project Linus, Thank you for the blanket.  Thank you for make the blanket. I like it cuz it is suglei.  Sincerely, Joseph

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy hit the Eastern Shore with a vengeance!  Small places like Crisfield , Fairmount and Deal Island  MD lie low, close to the water and surrounded by tidal waters.   Likewise, Sanford & Saxis VA are in similar geography.  People here work the water, supporting their families with the fruit of the sea, mainly crabs, oysters and fish.  Crisfield is known as "The Seafood Capital of the World".
Tidal surge took out parts of the ceiling in a condo's parking garage.
The depot needs repair before the mail boat and cruise boats can return.

Trees fell on houses, electric wires and streets.

Frankenstorm Sandy hit Crisfield hard, with winds up to 80 mph and tidal surges of 5 - 8', putting homes under water, trees through roofs and lives disrupted.   Project Linus was able to step in and help the children deal with the stress and chill of the following days.
Blanketeers like Regina counted and bagged blankets.

Pearlie is one of our most dedicated and prolific blanketeers.
Ann used her day off to make fleece blankets

Brooke & Lexie came after school to help.
Betsy cut most of our quilt kits.

Cheryl & Loist made quilts and fleece blankets.

Project Linus chapters sent blankets from all over the US!

My pickup truck was filled several times.

    We held 2 consecutive Make a Blanket Days and were well fed by members of Salem United Methodist Church where our event was held.

     I first took 75 blankets to Crisfield and attended the first disaster relief meeting, on the day that the roads between Pocomoke and Crisfield were first passable. The blankets were given to children staying in the shelter at Washington High School in Princess Anne, and I became a member of the Disaster Relief Committee.  Next, I took 60 blankets to Woodson Elementary School and began working with Vice Principal Ted Gibson.  I promised blankets for all 605 students!  Monday last week we arrived at Woodson with over 600 blankets packed into 3 pickup trucks!

Still in my plans is to serve children in the Virginia villages which had similar damage. 
While we were making extra blankets here on the shore,  my fellow coordinators were shipping blankets from 17 states.  I also appealed to some of the quilters I have met in other parts of the US, and they made quilts!  It's what we do!  In our hearts we believe in our by-line, "Security Through Blankets".

The children have been writing thank you notes to us!  These are so charming , I have to share them!
Dear Mrs. Clarke, Thank you so much for bringing blankets to our school.  I appreciate you bringing blankets.  I know you worked hard to make 600 blankets for us.  Second grader, Yelaina

Dear Mrs Clarke, Thank you for bringing blankets to our school.  I know it was hard work. It was very nice to do that.  I love the dezines of dinosaures.  I love how color full it is.  I love how soft it is.  Second grader. Yours Truly, Caleb

This crab brightly advertises what Crisfield is known for- Seafood and Seafood eateries!  Yum!  Nothing better than Crisfield crabs with Old Bay seasoning!

Dear Project Linus,  Thank you so much for the blanket.  I picked it because I like Washington State. Thanks again, Quinton W.

Down by the dock, in a new location following the storm, boats still go daily to the islands of Smith Island MD, & Tangier Island Va, with mail, supplies, local residents and goods.   I was able to load 2 bags of blankets on the mail boat to Smith Island.  Someone will take them to the school for me!



Saturday, July 7, 2012

Patriotic Blankets

Each year the volunteer make blankets for a theme chosen by the National Headquarters of Project Linus.  They are displayed in my church sanctuary and people vote on their favorites one Sunday.  7/8/12 is the day for this year's display and voting.  I have a couple favorites, do you?